The Best Way Forward

Modern health care delivery requires that advanced practice nursing care be dynamic and fluid across state boundaries. The current model of APRN licensure is not flexible, adaptable, or nimble enough.

The safest and most efficient way to meet the growing need for highly qualified health care providers is the APRN Compact. APRNs provide care in all types of practice settings including health care facilities, outpatient clinics, specialty practices, telehealth services and in rural and urban areas with limited access to care. Research has repeatedly demonstrated that APRNs provide safe, high-quality care with great outcomes.

The compact will benefit APRNs, patients and health care providers by creating one multistate license. This increases access to care by allowing APRNs to care for patients across state lines—both in person and electronically. The APRN Compact provides public protection by establishing uniformity in the way APRNs are regulated at the state level. A compact license will save APRNs from the unnecessary time and cost of obtaining additional licenses.


  • Increases access to care by allowing APRNs to practice seamlessly across member states.
  • Improves response during disasters or other times of great need for qualified advanced practice nursing services.
  • Provides more choice for patients and APRNs.
  • Supports APRNs practicing to the full extent of their education and training to optimize the provision of care.
  • Eliminates redundant regulatory processes and duplicative fees.
  • Benefits military spouses with APRN licenses who often relocate every two years.
  • Facilitates APRN education by providing flexibility for students to have educational experiences across state lines.
  • Maintains public protection at the state level, allowing states to retain autonomy and the authority to enforce the state nurse practice act.
  • Ensures public protection by granting authority for information sharing between regulatory bodies that regulate APRNs.

Help Bring the APRN Compact to Your State

The APRN Compact will come into effect once seven states have enacted the legislation.
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